Just Arrived

Our Summer Reading Programs are in full swing here at the library. We have programs for all ages and everybody can earn great prizes for logging minutes spent reading or, for our youngest patrons, being read to. Parents, if you are looking for some fun books to read to your little ones, come in next week and check out some of the new picture books we added this week.

A Boy, A Ball, and a Dog by Gianna Marino. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a boy who throws a ball for his dog to catch. The dog can catch any ball the boy throws, until the wind brings a strange, new kind of ball floating by. The dog chases the balloon, determined to catch it. And he finally does, but realizes that the boy is nowhere to be found. Then the wind changes, and blows the balloon and the dog right back to the boy.

Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke. Goblin lives in a dungeon with his friend Skeleton. When adventurers come and take Skeleton away, Goblin goes to rescue him. But he is warned to be careful because nobody likes a goblin. He finds this is true. He is chased by a farmer, an innkeeper and a group of elves. But he does manage to rescue Skeleton and they hide in a cave. There they meet a whole group of goblins. Goblin, Skeleton, and all their new friends happily return to the dungeon together.

Bear’s Big Day by Salina Yoon. Bear is all ready for his first day of school. He leaves his toy bunny, Floppy, at home and sets off for his exciting day. He meets his teacher and his new friends. But something is missing and he is sad. His teacher notices and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he thought he was a big bear who was ready for school, but maybe he isn’t. His teacher assures him that he is ready, but he doesn’t have to be without his friend. The next day Bear and Floppy have a great time at school.

Posted Saturday June 25, 2016 09:00am

Find It Fridays

Coming into the Library and want to print a document from your personal laptop or smartphone? We have a solution!

Our color printer has its own web page from which you can print a PDF or JPG file. You can find this web page at http://docucolor.library.beau.org/print/index.php.

From this page, you first select the file to be printed. You may then pick the paper size. The Library keeps Letter (8.5" by 11"), Legal (8.5" x 14"), and Tabloid (11" x 17") paper available at all times.

There are also options for two-sided printing and output color (whether you want it to print in color or not). You should not need to modify any of the other settings, though if a test print shows that the printer is not turning the page the right way, you might need to set the orientation.

There is a charge for printouts, and the Docucolor won't print them until you give it money and release the job on the printer.

Size of Paper B&W (per page) Color
Letter (8.5" x 11") 10 cents 15 cents
Legal (8.5" x 14") 10 cents 15 cents
Tabloid (Ledger) (11" x 17") 20 cents 25 cents

As an added bonus, the printer can scan and e-mail documents. It can scan anything up to 11" x 17", and it'll do it for free! If you need help with this, please feel free to ask for help from one of our library staff.

Posted Friday June 24, 2016 09:00am

Staff Pick

Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

We know that not every staff pick will appeal to every patron, but not to worry! If you need help selecting something, we have online tools like Book Browse and our Online Catalog, or you can ask one of our friendly staff members to help search for you.

Thing Explainer by Randall Munroe

Once upon a time, there was a man named Randall Munroe. He'd worked at NASA, and various other places, and he was a geek. He also drew things, and eventually, he started sharing his geeky drawings with everyone on the Internet at a website called XKCD.

People started talking about how well he explained some of the geeky things he drew about, and eventually, he started a second column called "What If?", where he took totally insane questions like "What happens if a pitcher throws a baseball at 99% of the speed of light?" and treats them straight - doing the math and explaining the effects (in this case, not pretty!)

Eventually, though, he did a comic called Up Goer Five. As silly as the title sounds, it was an interesting explanation of the Saturn V Moon Rocket, except that it only used words from a list of the thousand (10 hundred) words people use the most often. This comic was a hit, leading to much discussion on explaining things in very simple words. Eventually, it lead to Randall writing an entire book of these kinds of explanations: Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff In Simple Words. Datacenters, Tectonic Plates, Airliner Cockpit Controls, Human Body Cells, Nuclear Reactors, and all kinds of other things get this treatment, with excellent drawings and simple to understand explanations.

If Thing Explainer interests you, feel free to request or check it out. You might also be interested in other books by Randall Munroe that the Library has. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.

Posted Thursday June 23, 2016 09:00am

DeRidder Juvenile Nonfiction

Juvenile Nonfiction in DeRidder branch has moved!

Juvenile Nonfiction are the true books written for an audience of upper elementary through high school. The books used to be in the same place with the Adult Nonfiction. Now you can find it with the rest of the books for those readers in the Teen Room in DeRidder.

If you need help finding this or any other thing in our library, our friendly staff is here to help you.

Posted Wednesday June 22, 2016 12:00pm

♬The Music Minute♬

Free Music for Kids

Need some music to entertain your children or grandchildren? Well, Freegal, the free and legal website paid for by the Beauregard Parish Library has free music to get you and the kiddies through the summer.

  • There are plenty of activity songs for the little ones such as: “The Wheels on the Bus”, “London Bridge”, “Skip to My Lou”, “This Old Man”, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, “Eeensy Weensy Spider”, “Bingo”, “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”, and many others.

  • Or songs from the animated cartoon for kids My Little Pony with songs like “The Laughter Song”, “The Smile Song”, and “My Little Pony Theme Song”.

  • Or how about music from Sponge Bob Square Pants like “The Best Ever Day”, “Doin’ The Crabby Patty”, “The Bubble Song”, and “Sponge Bop Square Pants Theme Song”.

  • Or perhaps some stories when they are ready to slow down like Hansel & Gretel, Tom Thumb, The Princess and the Pea, Thumbelina, The Elves and the Shoemaker, Rumpelstiltskin and many others.

    Whatever your summer entertaining needs you can look on Freegal by going to the library website:www.library.beau.org and clicking on the green icon on the left called Electronic Library, then click on Music and Video or simply scroll down and click on the Freegal icon.

    ✷Don’t forget you have 5 free downloads weekly that are yours to keep and 3 free hours daily of commercial-free streaming music.

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    Posted Monday June 20, 2016 07:00am

    Sunday Funday

    Exciting events at your Beauregard Parish Library

    Check out some of the exciting events on the way at your library.

    The week of June 20th-June 25th is filled with opportunities to enjoy your library!

    • Monday, June 20th Didgeridoo Down Under: Merryville branch at 1 p.m. & DeRidder branch at 4 p.m.
    • Tuesday, June 21st Make Your Own Smoothies for Adults & Teens at the DeRidder branch at 10 a.m.
    • Wednesday, June 22nd DeRidder Storytime at 10 a.m.; South Beauregard Storytime at 2:30 p.m.
    • Thursday, June 23rd Merryville Storytime at 2:30 p.m.; Sports Movie Night in DeRidder at 5 p.m.
    • Friday, June 24th Autism Mythbusters *Pre-registration is required* in DeRidder at 10 a.m.; Singer Storytime at 10:30 a.m.; Homemade Sports in Fields at 11 a.m.

    Posted Sunday June 19, 2016 08:00am


    CANCELLATION: Due to circumstances beyond his control, Mr. McConduit will not be visiting our library today.

    Snoball Day will be rescheduled for a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Posted Saturday June 18, 2016 10:30am

    Just Arrived

    It’s hot outside so why not curl up in the comfort of yoair conditioner and escape with a good romance novel. Check out a few of the new ones we added to our collection this week:

    Return of the Untamed Billionaire by Carol Marinelli. Prima ballerina Anya Ilyushin dances for Roman Zverev, the man who once captured her heart and then shattered it. When he unexpectedly walks into her dressing room, their fierce attraction is rekindled. He is back and is determined to make Anya his own.

    Deep Secrets by Beverly Long. Fate brought Rafe Roper and Trish Wright together, but their storybook romance ended when an accident took Rafe’s life and broke Trish’s heart. But what she doesn’t know, and can’t know, is that Rafe is not really dead. He “died” in order to protect her from the nasty terrorists that he is pursuing. But they now they have targeted Trish, and Rafe must expose his lie and hope that she can forgive him. Otherwise, they will both end up dead.

    Discovering You by Brenda Novak. India Sommers once had the perfect family – until an ex-boyfriend broke in and shot her husband. Now she is not only heartbroken, but feels responsible for his death because of her past life. She moves to Whiskey Creek with her little girl to start over. But then she finds out that her ex-boyfriend’s trial ended in a hung jury and he could try to find her. She is also worried because of her attraction to her neighbor. If her in-laws find out she is involved with him, they could sue for custody of her daughter. The more she tries to keep her distance, the more difficult it becomes.

    Posted Saturday June 18, 2016 09:00am

    Find It Fridays

    One of the up and coming careers is the world of 3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing. While the Library does not yet have a 3D Printer, we do have a tool you can use to get started learning more about the field and how to develop the 3D models used in the field!

    All of our patron lab computers come equipped with the program Blender. This is a free and open source program used for building 3D models, making commercials for television, and a wide variety of other projects.

    You can get started right here in the Library by signing into your account on one of the Patron machines (guest logins are available if you do not have an account - see one of the circulation people!). Go to the Applications Menu (sometimes, it's just the Gnome Foot icon) usually found on the left of the application bar either at the top or bottom of the screen, pick Graphics from that menu, then pick Blender to get started. The Blender website includes links to many great tutorials and getting started guides, as well as the full manual, and even a place to download your own copy that you can install at home!

    Posted Friday June 17, 2016 09:00am

    Staff Pick

    Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

    We know that not every staff pick will appeal to every patron, but not to worry! If you need help selecting something, we have online tools like Book Browse and our Online Catalog, or you can ask one of our friendly staff members to help search for you.

    The King's Curse by Philippa Gregory

    This is highly recommended for anyone interested in the Tudor period. Other Books in the series include:

  • The White Queen (2009)
  • The Red Queen (2010)
  • The Lady of the Rivers (2011)
  • The Kingmaker's Daughter (2012)
  • The White Princess (2013)
  • The King's Curse (formerly known as The Last Rose) (2014)

    This is a fictional story told from the first person viewpoint of the very real woman, Margaret Pole--lady-in-waiting and older Plantagenet cousin to the King--and her unique view of King Henry VIII’s rise to power in Tudor England. The reader observes the ever-growing insanity of life in the Tudor court through Margaret's experience. This is not a particularly sympathetic picture of the most notorious of all British royals (King Henry VIII); however, the author still manages to show the child and man he was before the corruption of power and poor advice, mingled with misfortune, took its toll.

    I found I loved this book as much, if not more, than this author's New York Times best sellers.

  • If The King's Curse interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.

    Posted Thursday June 16, 2016 09:00am

    Midweek Montage

    Having an exciting summer?

    Your library is!

    This week's Midweek Montage is a collection of pics from our events at all of the library's branches!

    We had a great time and hope you will join us for more fun during this summer.

    Posted Wednesday June 15, 2016 08:00am

    Travel Tuesdays: China

    This week’s Travel Tuesday brings us to China, the 4th largest country on Earth. Such a large country will contain a variety of geography and peoples. According to Global Road Warrior, China has “mountains, high plateaus, and desert plains in the west, and plains, deltas, and hills in the east. Mount Everest, which lies on China’s border with Nepal, is the world’s tallest peak at 8,850 meters (29,035 ft). China’s climate is as variable as its geography, ranging from tropical in the south to subarctic in the north.”

    Here are 5 interesting quick facts about China from Global Road Warrior:

  • China’s official languages are “Mandarin, Cantonese (in Hong Kong and Macau), Mongolian (in Mongolia), Tibetan (in Tibet), Uyghur, Zhuang, English (in Hong Kong), and Portuguese (in Macau).”
  • “School is compulsory for Chinese children between the ages of six and 15 years. Homeschooling is illegal across the country. Mandarin is used as the medium of instruction in most schools.”
  • “China is officially an atheist country, but about 30 percent of Chinese people practice traditional indigenous religious beliefs that contain elements of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and traditional ancestor worship.”
  • China’s national day is October 1, which commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 by Mao Zedong.
  • Punctuality is highly valued in Chinese society. “The Chinese expect their trains to run on time, but this demand for punctuality in transportation does not always trickle down to the bus systems throughout the country. Despite this hindrance, the Chinese strive hard to overcome any hurdles keeping them from arriving where they need to be at the appointed hour.”

    Language Learners: Mandarin and Cantonese are available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator.

    Recipe Corner: Stir Fried Greens
    A side dish of stir-fried greens is as central to a Chinese meal as a bowl of rice. Bok choy, choy sum, shen choy, and gai lan (Chinese broccoli) are common accompaniments to most meals. Select fresh, unblemished greens for the best dish.

    Recipe Serving: Serves 4


  • 1 head Chinese cabbage (pe-tsai)
  • 3 tbsp (30 ml) peanut oil
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Salt and ground Sichuan hot pepper, to taste
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) brandy
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) sugar
  • Instructions

  • 1. Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage, slice into 1-inch (2.5 cm) strips, blanch in boiling water, and drain.
  • 2. Brown the garlic clove in oil, add the cabbage and spices, and fry, stirring constantly, for 1 minute.
  • 3. Dissolve sugar in the brandy, add to the cabbage, and stir for 1 minute.
  • 4. Serve immediately.
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    Posted Tuesday June 14, 2016 10:30am

    ♬The Music Minute♬

    Free Music From Your Library by Grammy Award Winning Artist Dionne Warwick

    Dionne Warwick started her long hit career in the 1960’s. According to Billboard she started recording with her sister on a gospel album and got her big break when Burt Bacharach heard her. She had many hits singing songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

    Try these original songs from Walk On By-20 Greatest Hits:

  • ”I Say A Little Prayer for You”
  • ”The Windows of the World”
  • ”Theme from the Valley of the Dolls”
  • ”I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”
  • ”Walk On By”
  • ”Don’t Make Me Over”
  • ”Alfie" from the movie Alfie
  • ”Do You Know The Way To San Jose”
  • ”(There’s)Always Something There to Remind Me”

    There are many other live albums and re-recordings as well as other later hits such as, “That’s What Friends Are For” and “Finder of Lost Loves”. Or try a little something different such as the Latin feel of her album Aquarela Do Brasil or jazz on Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter.

    Her videos: Heartbreaker, I’ll Never Love This Way Again, and How Many Time Can We Say Goodbye

    Remember that you can use your 5 free downloads a week to have some Dionne Warwick songs or just listen with the commercial-free 3 daily hours of streaming music all from Freegal, the free and legal website.

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    Posted Monday June 13, 2016 06:00am

    Just Arrived

    Check out this new addition to our non-fiction collection:

    Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies – How What We Eat Defines Who We Are by Sophie Egan. In this interesting and informative book, food writer and Culinary Institute of America program director Sophie Egan addresses the question of how the values that define our national character shape our eating habits. She reveals the deeper meaning behind our food choices. We often choose convenience over health concerns. We obsess about having our food “our way” and patronize establishments that allow us to individualize our eating experience. She looks at the fascinating dynamic between highbrow food culture with its artisan and small batch products, and lowbrow fast food places. She weaves together insights from the fields of psychology, anthropology, food science, marketing, and behavioral economics to examine our relationship with the food we eat.

    Included are some surprising facts:

    Forty percent of American workers eat lunch at their desks.

    Americans spend more than $20 billion each year trying to lose weight.

    The average supermarket contains over 42,000 items.

    There are 2,000 different kinds of snack bars on the market.

    On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans eat 1.25 billion chicken wings.

    Three quarters of American households have at least one carton of ice cream in their freezers.

    This is just a sample of the enlightening information found in the book. So come in and learn all about food choices in our country.

    Posted Saturday June 11, 2016 09:00am

    Find It Fridays

    Did you know that BPL has a high-tech microfilm machine and a collection of film from multiple Beauregard Parish newspapers located at the Deridder branch? Our microfilm collection covers the years 1945-2009. The film we have offers you the chance to look back into the past of Beauregard Parish, whether it be for obituaries, graduation records, or wedding announcements. Stop by the library to learn more about using the machine and the film that we have available. You are also welcome to bring in your own film and use the machine during DeRidder open hours.

    Posted Friday June 10, 2016 09:00am

    Staff Pick

    Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

    We know that not every staff pick will appeal to every patron, but not to worry! If you need help selecting something, we have online tools like Book Browse and our Online Catalog, or you can ask one of our friendly staff members to help search for you.

    Human Footprint [DVD] by National Geographic

    Human Footprint explores the amount of waste produced, resources consumed, & how much impact a person has on the Earth in the average lifetime (77 years and 9 months).

    This DVD really made an impact on me! We just do not have an idea of the things we use and consume and waste in our lifetime. The DVD gives a visual of all the things we need from baby hood to senior adults and what goes in to producing these items.

    It really made me think of how blessed we are with an abundance in the United States. Also it made me think we should slow our consumption down a lot.

    If Human Footprint interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.

    Posted Thursday June 9, 2016 09:00am

    Midweek Montage

    Having an exciting summer?

    Your library is!

    This week's Midweek Montage is a collection of pics from our kickoff this past Saturday!

    We had a great time despite the gloomy weather and hope you will join us for more fun during this summer.

    Posted Wednesday June 8, 2016 08:00am

    Travel Tuesdays: Greece

    For the previous installment of Travel Tuesdays, we went to Brazil, the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Following the same theme, we will travel to Greece, the origin of the Olympic games. All of these fun facts and figures about Greece are available through Global Road Warrior, and with over 170 country profiles available, you’ll surely find a country that interests you.

  • Greece is part of the European Union and now uses the euro as currency. The money is divided into banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 euros, and coins of 1 and 2 euros, and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents.
  • Electricity in Greece is 230 volts AC, 50 Hertz (Hz), and electrical plugs are either “Type C” Europlug CEE 7/16 or “Type F” Schuko CEE 7/7.
  • Greece basically has two seasons. It has a cold and wet winter usually from October to March and a warm and dry summer from April to September. There are some regional variations for the high mountains and islands.
  • Global Road Warrior supplies security briefings for different countries. According to the most recent update, travel to Greece currently involves normal travel precautions. Please note, “Visitors should exercise caution while driving and using public transportation. Greece has the fourth-highest traffic fatality rate in the European Union due to heavy traffic, poor road conditions, and unenforced traffic rules.”
  • For language learners, remember that Greek is available through both Mango Languages and Pronunciator.
  • For an example Greek recipe, we bring you: Baklava.

    Crunchy on the outside and sweet and chewy on the inside, baklava is a nut and phyllo dough dessert served throughout Greece.

    Recipe Serving: Makes about 2 dozen



  • 1/2 lb (225 g) walnuts or almonds, chopped fine
  • 1/4 cup (60 ml) bread crumbs
  • 1/3 cup (80 ml) sugar
  • 1/2 tsp (2 ml) cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp (1 ml) cloves
  • Pastry:

  • 1/2 lb (225 g) phyllo pastry sheets
  • 3/4 cups (180 ml) melted butter
  • Syrup:

  • 2 cups (480 ml) sugar
  • 1 cup (240 ml) water
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Instructions

    1. Mix walnuts or almonds with bread crumbs, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves.
    2. Butter a 9 x 13 inch baking dish. Put 6 layers of phyllo dough in the pan, brushing each sheet with melted butter.
    3. Spread a thick layer of nut mixture over the phyllo dough, then add 4 more sheets of phyllo, buttering each one.
    4. Continue adding layers of nut mixture and phyllo dough until you use up the ingredients, ending with 6 sheets of phyllo.
    5. Brush the top with butter. Trim or tuck in the edges of the dough.
    6. Cut diagonal lines through the top layers to make diamond shapes.
    7. Bake at 350°F (175°C) for about an hour, until golden brown.
    8. About 10 minutes before the hour is up, make the syrup by boiling sugar, water, and lemon juice for 10 minutes.
    9. After you take the baklava out of the oven, pour the hot syrup over it. Let stand for several hours before cutting pieces all the way through and serving.
    Posted Tuesday June 7, 2016 10:00am

    ♬The Music Minute♬

    Free music from Meghan Trainor

    Freegal the free music service paid for by your library has free music from the pop star and songwriter Meghan Trainor. Freegal has her album Title which features her hits: “All About That Bass”, a song about being proud and unapologetic about your size, “Title”, a song about a girl who wants the title of girlfriend not just friend, , “Lips Are Movin’”, a song about a cheating boyfriend who lies everytime his lips move, and “Dear Future Husband”, a tongue-in-cheek song about how her future husband should treat her right. Both songs and accompanying videos feature a retro 50’s influence but with a sassy modern attitude and lots of humor.

    Freegal has her latest album Thank You with songs “Me Too”, “No”, “Watch Me Do”, “Mom”, “Better” featuring Yo Gotti, and “I Love Me” featuring LunchMoney Lewis. And the videos No and Me Too.

    Freegal also has Meghan Trainor’s single she co-wrote "Better When I'm Dancing" from the soundtrack to The Peanuts Movie (which the library owns) and her video featuring her dancing with the characters from Peanuts. Freegal also has her latest single from The Peanuts Movie “Good to Be Alive”.

    Posted Monday June 6, 2016 06:00am

    Sorry For Our Outage

    Service Outage

    We had an outage of web services today due to a corrupted filesystem on one of our servers. Please let us know if you find any unusual after-effects.

    Posted Saturday June 4, 2016 12:10pm

    Just Arrived

    If you have signed up for our Summer Reading Program you know that you earn points toward great prizes for reading and exercising. Here’s a great way to do both at the same time - Playaway audiobooks! You can listen to a great book while walking, jogging, or doing any other activity and count your reading minutes and your activity points.

    This week we received some new Playaways that are perfect for this. Check out:

    The Last Mile by David Baldacci. A convicted murderer is counting down the hours until his execution when he gets an unexpected reprieve. Another man has confessed to the killings. FBI agent Amos Decker takes a special interest in the case because it is strikingly similar to his own life. The confession may or may not be true, but it soon becomes obvious that there is something much bigger and more sinister going on. Decker will need all his skill to solve this one.

    As Time Goes By from Mary Higgins Clark. Television journalist Delaney Wright is on the brink of stardom with her assignment to cover the sensational murder trial of a woman accused of killing her wealthy husband. But instead of celebrating her success, she is obsessed with finding her birth mother. Her friends Alvinah and Willy Meehan offer to help her in her search, but soon discover a shocking secret that they don’t want to reveal. Meanwhile, the trial continues and the evidence piles up against the accused widow. But there are secrets to be revealed there too, and Delaney’s search for the truth puts her life in danger.

    So come on in, sign up for he Summer Reading Program, if you haven’t already done so, and get moving and listening! Remember – adults and teens get a free pedometer to help you track your steps just for signing up.

    Posted Saturday June 4, 2016 09:00am

    Fields and Merryville Branches Closed

    Fields and Merryville branches will be closed today because of Flash Flood Warnings. We apologize for the inconvenience. DeRidder and Singer branches will remain open with regular service hours.

    Posted Friday June 3, 2016 10:15am

    Find It Fridays

    Do you have a school paper to type up, or a slide presentation to create? The library has all of the programs you may need! Although we do not have the Microsoft Office Suite we do have a set of software that is comparable, LibreOffice Suite. LibreOffice offers programs for word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, and diagrams and drawings. There is no need to worry if you are used to working with the Microsoft Office programs, the setup of each of these programs is very similar.

    How to find the LibreOffice Suite: From the start menu on your library account desktop you will select Office. From there you can choose any of the programs that you may need. If you have any questions regarding which program to use any staff member will be happy to help! Happy creating!

    Posted Friday June 3, 2016 09:00am

    Staff Pick

    Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

    We know that not every staff pick will appeal to every patron, but not to worry! If you need help selecting something, we have online tools like Book Browse and our Online Catalog, or you can ask one of our friendly staff members to help search for you.

    What Do I Eat Now? A step-by-step guide to eating right with Type 2 Diabetes by Tami Ross

    Have you recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or are you (re)committing to a healthier diet because of a previous diagnosis? If so, take time to check out What Do I Eat Now? : A Step-by-Step Guide to Eating Right with Type 2 Diabetes (2nd ed.) by Tami A. Ross and Patti B. Geil.

    In this quick read, the authors - both registered dieticians and certified diabetes educators - offer easily understood explanations for how things like the glycemic index work and cover tips on how to safely travel and eat out with diabetes, portion control, smart "swaps" for healthier cooking, more savvy grocery shopping, and even throw in some sample menus and recipes.

    If What Do I Eat Now? interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.

    Posted Thursday June 2, 2016 09:00am

    June Is Audiobook Month

    Get ready because June is just around the corner, and June is Audiobook Month!

    Audiobooks are a great way to listen to your favorite books. Benefits of audiobooks include:

  • Highly portable
  • Made for all ages and subjects
  • Help literacy
  • At Beauregard Parish Library we offer audiobooks on CD, Playaway (self-contained unit that plays itself), and digital. Our digital audiobooks include:

  • OverDrive--digital audiobooks that play on your computer, an MP3 player and through Apple and Android apps.
  • Tumble Suite--available any time of day, and the developers have developed some apps that may make it easy to take these and other books on the go.
  • EBSCOHost Audiobook collection--available from the statewide Louisiana Library Connection database page
  • We have even more fun with audiobooks because digital checkouts do not count against checkouts from the physical libray. Plus, most audiobooks list their running times, so that will make it really easy for those of you keeping Summer Reading Program logs!

    We hope you enjoy audiobooks all through the month of June and beyond. If you need assistance finding the right book for you, you can use our Online Catalog or ask a friendly staff member for help.

    Posted Tuesday May 31, 2016 09:00am

    Closed For Memorial Day

    Reminder that all branches of the Beauregard Parish Library are closed on Monday, May 30, 2016 in honor of Memorial Day.

    No items will be due during a holiday closure. The library will resume regular hours on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

    Posted Monday May 30, 2016 09:00am

    ♬The Music Minute♬

    Free Peanuts/Charlie Brown music from Freegal

    Freegal, the free music site that gives you 5 free downloads a week and 3 free hours daily of commercial-free streaming music, has music from the animated cartoon Peanuts. Did you like The Peanuts Movie? Well, Freegal has the original soundtrack featuring the instrumental music of Christophe Beck and the song single “Better When I’m Dancin’” and video featuring pop star Meghan Trainor.

    Freegal also has the soundtrack to the musical You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown with such tunes as “Suppertime”, “Happiness”, “My Blanket and Me”, “Beethoven Day”, “Snoopy”, “The Kite”, and many others.

    Freegal also has music from Vince Guaraldi, the composer who played the music for the original Peanuts animated classics. You may enjoy his album, The Charlie Brown Suite And Other Favorites featuring such tunes as “The Charlie Brown Theme”, “Linus and Lucy with The Band”, “Peppermint Patty”, “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” and “Red Baron”.

    Posted Monday May 30, 2016 06:00am

    Sunday Funday

    Exciting events at your Beauregard Parish Library

    Check out some of the exciting events on the way at your library.

    Join us as we begin our summer adventures!

    Posted Sunday May 29, 2016 08:00am

    Just Arrived

    School is out and the kids are looking for things to do. Last week we added some new books to our collection that should keep the young folks occupied engage their minds at the same time.

    Check out:

    Outer Space by Ken Jennings. Fans of the game show Jeopardy may remember Ken Jennings, who was the champion for an incredibly long period several years ago. He now writes a series of Junior Genius Guides covering all sorts of topics. This volume is full of out-of-this-world facts about the universe. There are great illustrations and fun quizzes to test your knowledge. Learn about the sun, planets, and every part of the galaxy and have fun doing it.

    Why Dogs Eat Poop: Gross but True Things You Never Knew About Animals by Francesca Gould and David Haviland. Organized in question and answer format, this book is filled with disgusting facts about all sorts of animals. Kids will delight in learning about creatures like the Dracula ant and a parrot that was the last living speaker of an indigenous language. There are also cringe-worthy facts about the habits and bodily functions of other animals such as snakes and frogs. While the information learned here may not be ideal dinner conversation, kids will enjoy being grossed out.

    Understanding Coding With Python by Patricia Harris. If you have a budding computer enthusiast, check out this easy to follow manual for the programming language Python. Using this coding language allows kids to create games or webpages while learning a valuable skill. Python was developed using features of other programming languages, but modified to make it easier for young or beginner coders. There are some example programs to show how it all works, and then kids are encouraged to be creative and design their own. We also have the same type of guides for other kid-friendly languages.

    Remember that our Summer Reading Programs begin this week. We have programs for all ages, so be sure to sign the whole family up!

    Posted Saturday May 28, 2016 10:00am

    Find It Fridays

    Memorial Day is fast approaching and we know that some of you may be looking for resources that explain the whens and whys of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the day we honor and thank the 1.8 million that have given their lives for America since 1775. This week’s Find It Friday will discuss where to find information related to Memorial Day.

    Where to Find:

    A history of Memorial Day

    A list of cemeteries in Louisiana maintained by the Department of Veterans Affairs

    A grave at Arlington National Cemetery

    Information on the National Moment of Remembrance

    An additional resource that BPL subscribes to that compiles scholarly articles from numerous databases is EbscoHost. Hint: By entering “Memorial Day” into the search box of EbscoHost you will receive many results, use the filters to better fit the search to your needs!

    Posted Friday May 27, 2016 09:00am

    Network Maintenance

    Network Maintenance

    Our internet service provider announced that they will be performing scheduled maintenance on the network. The work will be performed during the maintenance window of Thursday, 5/26/16 11:00 PM to Friday, 5/27/16 5:00 AM.This maintenance is not anticipated to be service affecting but could possibly result in a degraded service.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions.

    Posted Wednesday May 25, 2016 01:00pm

    Staff Picks

    With Staff Picks, we would like to offer recommendations from our staff to you. These picks will be from a variety of reading, listening or viewing tastes. You might find stuff you've checked out before, or you might be intrigued enough to discover a new favorite. Just in time to kick off our Summer Reading Program, here is a children's book sure to delight all ages.

    Bloom by Doreen Cronin and David Small

    A Story of a Mud Fairy and an extraordinary “ordinary” girl and a castle in trouble.

    There was once a fairy named Bloom, who had mud on her face and beetles in her wings but she made plants grow and flowers bloom. And as she walked she tracked mud about the glass castle. But after a while, the castle got tired of her mess and threw her out. But after years of decay, the castle was falling apart and they needed the fairy’s help. So the King went and asked for help but all he got was a bucket of mud. So, the Queen went and all she got was a bucket of mud. So, they decided to send what they considered an ordinary girl named Genevieve.

    She went to the fairy and was presented with a bucket of mud. So Genevieve explained that her glass castle was falling apart, and that got her a shovel. But the girl was kind and so offered to help with the fairy’s chores and explained that she was sent to ask the fairy’s help because she was so ordinary. The fairy looked strange when she said this, but she taught the girl to make bricks out of mud and sand and straw. The fairy offered the girl words of encouragement, and soon they built a house in the woods. So, the fairy Bloom sent Genevieve back to the castle with words to the Kingdom that said that there is no such thing as an ordinary girl. And Genevieve went confidently back to the castle and built it new from mud bricks.

    I love that this story shows a different fairy, a mud fairy, a bit messy but with a great gift to share. And that it shows that all children can learn something new and bring their gifts to the world. But the most special part is that it teaches children that no one is ordinary. This would make a great story for boys or girls and even adults who need reminding that we are all special.

    If Bloom interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Wednesday with a different Staff Pick.

    Posted Wednesday May 25, 2016 09:00am

    Midweek Montage

    Ready for the summer?

    Your library is!

    This week's Midweek Montage is a collection of pics from summers of fun past!

    Take a look at some of the library memories and get ready to make new ones beginning June 1, 2016.

    Posted Wednesday May 25, 2016 08:00am
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