Check out some new Western books on CD that we received this past week:

Smoke Jensen: The Beginning by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone. This is the story of the early years of Kirby Jensen, who later became known as the legendary “Smoke” Jensen. It begins on the eve of the Civil War when Kirby is living on a ranch in Southwestern Missouri with his family. But soon his father and brother are called away to fight. Kirby’s childhood experiences with violence mold him into a young man filled with a thirst for justice. The story is filled with actual historical events and people that tell the brutal and amazing saga of the American frontier.

Bowies’s Mine by Elmer Kelton. Daniel Provost is a farmer who has a pretty comfortable life even though it is filled with hard work. He even has a loving woman who is waiting to become his wife. But when a well-traveled stranger comes telling stories of Jim Bowie’s legendary silver mine, Daniel decides to risk it all and accompany the man on his adventurous quest for riches. Follow them as they fight off Indians and other villains on their dangerous journey.

The Big Showdown by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. Caleb York has decided to leave the little town of Trinidad, New Mexico and head to San Diego to begin a new life as a Pinkerton man. But before he can say goodbye to his sweetheart and board the stage, a blazing gunfight disrupts the morning. A band of outlaw brothers has arrived to create havoc and a cattle baron is out to take more land – and Caleb’s woman. Caleb knows that someone must bring law and order to the town and it looks like he is the man for the job. Soon he has a sheriff’s badge on his chest and his Colt is loaded for justice in a battle he must win.