Need a suggestion for something to read or watch from the library this weekend? Maybe you'd like to check out an ebook or audiobook? Try some of our Staff Picks, to find what some of the other people in our parish are enjoying.

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One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

This is the first book in the popular Stephanie Plum series. It introduces us to Stephanie, a young woman in Trenton, New Jersey. She finds herself unemployed and, desperate for money, takes a job as a bounty hunter at her cousin’s bail bonding agency. She has no experience in this type of work and her unsuccessful attempts to apprehend a cop who is accused of murder are quite funny.

As it happens this suspect is Stephanie’s old boyfriend, Joe Morelli. Things did not end well in their relationship and there are some complicated feelings on both sides. Eventually, Stephanie’s toughness, resourcefulness and some lucky breaks overcome her lack of skill and she is able to resolve the case. Along the way we meet some very interesting characters including members of Stephanie’s family, a former prostitute named Lula, who becomes Stephanie’s friend and somewhat unhelpful assistant, and Ranger, a real bond enforcement agent who offers some much needed help.

This series is now up to to number 23 (Turbo Twenty-Three) and the library owns the entire series. Although the books could be read out of order, they are best enjoyed in sequence. They will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good suspense or mystery story because of the cases Stephanie works. However, there is also an element of romance as she explores her relationships with Joe and the mysterious Ranger. And, last but not least, fans of humorous stories will be happy because some of the situations Stephanie gets herself into are hilarious.

If One for the Money interests you, feel free to request or check it out. We'll be back next Thursday with a different Staff Pick.