While we all know the necessity of cleaning our homes, sometimes it can seem to be an overwhelming job. One of the new books we received last week can help make this task less daunting.

Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster – and Loving Your Home Every Day by Melissa Maker. The author is the star of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube, where she shows viewers her methods of efficient cleaning. In this book she outlines her three-step approach to take the chore out of cleaning. The first step is identifying the most important areas in the home that need attention. Then select the proper products, tools and techniques for the job. Finally, implement these routines so that they stick. She gives many tips and “hacks” that make the whole process easier. She even gives recipes for making homemade cleaning products that are cheaper and environmentally friendly as well as working better than commercial products.

There are chapters with detailed directions for cleaning each room of the house. She goes step-by-step through the process showing the most efficient and quickest way to make the room clean and orderly. She also gives tips on how to keep it that way in order to make the process easier in the future. Learn how to clean and maintain your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living and dining rooms, as well as other spaces you may have in your home. There are even storage tips to prevent clutter.

The author says she hates to clean, and this method is her way of making it as painless as possible. If you feel the same way, be sure to check this book out.