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A Patch of Blue [DVD]

The 1965 American drama film A Patch Of Blue which was based on the novel Be Ready With Bells And Drums and was directed by the director Guy Green, and starred the actor Sidney Poitier as the character Gordon Ralfe and the actress Mary Elizabeth Hartman as the character Selina D’Arcey.

A kind blind uneducated abused lower class woman named Selina D’Arcey who lives in an abusive living situation with her mother and grandfather, who one day meets a man named Gordon Ralfe in the park and the two of them form a relationship as Gordon Rafle tries to help her, and the film also covers other topics like racism and race and disabilities and abuse et cetera.

One of the reasons that I like A Patch Of Blue is because I can relate to it personally, I think that it is a well focused film that does a good job keeping the focus on a few characters, I like the topics and themes that were brought up in the film, and I like how the music and characters and acting and situations and everything else complemented each other in a way that makes this film a classic that people can watch and still like and connect with all these years later.

If nothing else I think that others will like A Patch Of Blue for the building of the relationship between the two main characters, how it brings up various issues in a way that will hopefully make them think and see things from a different point of view than what they might be used to, and the growth of some the main characters; I think that A Patch Of Blue is a good film and classic that is worth watching.

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