Looking for something to fill your e-book reader, and don't want to worry about it disappearing after it expires? Maybe you need a really old classic novel for a class, and can't afford to pay for it?

Check out the Library's Cyber Reading Room. With links to the Gutenberg Project's collection of classic Public Domain works, available in a variety of formats, as well as the Baen CD-ROMs which include many great modern Science Fiction novels you may share with your friends (but you can't sell them!!!!), and other collections of books to read that are yours to keep.

Read the Honor Harrington novels of war in space, or Herman Melville's story of the White Whale, Jane Eyre's classic romances or the stories of Anne of Green Gables growing up. Everyone will find something they can enjoy!

There's even free Audiobooks courtesy of the Librivox Project for your listening enjoyment!