Almost everyone loves candy. This week we received a new book showing how you can make some delicious and unusual candies to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Check out: Candy is Magic: Real Ingredients Modern Recipes by Jami Curl. The author is a candy-maker extraordinaire and the owner of Quin, a popular handmade candy company in Portland. She was recently named one of Fast Company’s 100 most creative people in food, and Bon Appteit dubbed her “the new Willy Wonka.” In this book she offers more than 200 of her unique and delicious recipes using natural ingredients. You will learn to make things like Chai Tea Lollipops, Cherry Cola Gumdrops, Chocolate Pretzel Caramels, and light-as-air Marshmallows. She begins with the foundations of candy, things like delicious syrups and purees that are the building blocks for many types of treats. Then she shows how to use these to make many unique confections.

The book is filled with delicious looking photographs of many of the treats. The detailed instructions break down each recipe into precise, foolproof steps. She also gives hints to allow you to experiment and come up with your own creations. There are even suggestions on how to utilize your delicious candies for parties and gifts.